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SuncorpSuncorpn/an/an/an/an/an/aLife, Income Protection, Business
CompanyInsurance PolicyLocationTypePolicy DetailsPolicy Quote
SuncorpSuncorp Life InsuranceAustraliaLife

The rate or quote is based on an Asteron Life Complete policy for a forty year old man who is a non smoker who paid premiums annually.

from $1.96 a day
SuncorpSuncorp Income Protection InsuranceAustraliaIncome Protection

The product example used for the equivalent of $3.11 a day (which is a thirty five year-old office manager who is a female who earns 60k. Other conditions apply.

$3.11 a day
SuncorpSuncorp Business Expense InsuranceAustraliaBusiness

This product is similar to income protection insurance but its for business owners which cover business costs if an injury, illness or are not able to work. An example of this premium for this product is of $3.52 per day (for a 4615 monthly benefit) for the hairdresser who was 30 years old. Factors affect this insurance include gender, age cover required and waiting period chosen. Please visit the Suncorp website for more information about this product.

$3.52 a day