RACV Insurance

The Royal Automotive Club of Victoria (RACV) is a major auto insurer in Australia. It was established in 1903 and caters to over 2 million members and 30,000 club members in Victoria.  RACV head office is based in Noble Park, Victoria and has several RACV shops and service centres located across the State. RACV is a public company but unlisted. RACV provides a varied range of products and is well known for providing roadside emergency assistance, driving lessons and conducting research into road safety. Some products RACV offers their members include auto (Comprehensive and CTP) and home insurance, landlord insurance, business insurance, home security and emergency home assistance.

You can contact RACV by telephone on:  13 72 28

Source: http://www.racv.com.au

Insurer Information

RACVRACV42 full-retail locations across Victoria (2011)Incorporated in 1901GeneralN/ADomestic2 million membersRenter
CompanyInsurance PolicyLocationTypePolicy DetailsPolicy Quote
RACVRACV Renters InsuranceAustraliaRenter

The policy is based on $10,000 cover for less than $20 a month is based on 25% no claim bonus and a $500 excess.

from little as $5 a week or $20 per month